CHERRY: Under Construction is proud to offer the following selection of highly figured and furniture grade Cherry.  Click on any of the following photos to additional photos, inventory and pricing information.

Furniture Grade Cherry


Highly Figured Quilted/Curly Cherry
By Admin - 3/15/2007 Highly Figured Quilted/Curly Cherry There is 128 bd feet in the bundle shown.  All is 4/4.  KD and priced at $12 a board foot.

12/4 Select
By Admin - 2/4/2007 12/4 Select 3" Select at incredible lengths.

8/4 Stock
By Admin - 2/2/2007 8/4 Stock Fresh out of the kiln.

Figured Cherry: Crotch


Cherry Crotch
By Admin - 2/2/2007 Cherry Crotch Thick Cherry Crotch

Figured Cherry: Burls


Cherry Burl
By Admin - 2/4/2007 Cherry Burl This cherry burl is freshly cut and has some really nice figure. There is the burl cap included which measures 14" wide at the widest point by 24" long at the LP by 5" thick at the top (#109A $41) The second burl cut down is  (#109C  $34) and measures 13" at the WP by 24" long at the LP by 2.5" thick. The last piece is (#109B $34) and measures 14" at the WP by 31" at the LP by 2" thick. 

Whole Cherry Burls
By Admin - 2/4/2007 Whole Cherry Burls has Cherry Burls up to 400 lbs.